Why choose Zemits?
Zemits is a complete solution for successful spa business, that consists of: great equipment, marketing and customer service support.
Happy Clients lead to Successful SPA
Zemits is a complete working tool for spa owners and aestheticians to improve and boost their business. Zemits is a smart decision to grow beauty businesses at all stages - new or established.
Zemits is a perfectly balanced synergy of safe technology for effective skin and body results that lead to happy and loyal clientele as well as a deep marketing understanding for successful spa business development that leads to stable and increasing profitability.
Our Mission
Our mission is to make every Spa Owner and Aesthetic Professional succeed in their businesses using Zemits equipment and marketing support.

Business Stability
Clientele Growth
This is what Zemits gives to its members:
We are shifting the market to the direction of a win-win strategy.

We are a family. We support personal and professional growth of each
Zemits member.
We aim to create long-term connections with all of our clients and help them be successful in spa business whether it is brand new or long-established. The foundation of our company and our systems are built on the belief in innovative technologies and smart marketing built for spa owners and aesthetic specialists.
With each piece of Zemits Equipment our customers receive FREE TRAINING. Our licensed estheticians provide personalized training on every piece of Zemits equipment. This ensures quality service which results in building repeat customers.
Detailed User's Manual
A "Certificate of Completion" when training is complete
Treatment Protocols and Recommendations
And of course along with the training you receive a full manual package:
Training can be completed in person or via video chat, so your aesthetician's gain access to the knowledge they need regardless of whether they are local or remote to our locations.
With each piece of Zemits Equipment our customers receive FREE TRAINING. Our licensed estheticians provide personalized training on every piece of Zemits equipment. This ensures quality service which results in building repeat customers.
Acquiring new clients
Our main goal is to provide you with great equipment to boost your spa business and accelerate your profits. This is what our customers receive with every Zemits purchase:
Social Media Templates
Rack Cards
Free Videos and Pics to Advertise Your Service
Printed Posters Large
Our Zemits Team understands that the majority of successful spa owners and aestheticians spend almost all their time on improving your skills, continuing their education and working with customers. So there is almost no time for marketing and content production. That's what we want to help you with it.
We understand that you are a business owner that is looking for not only

a piece of equipment, but for a working tool to increase your revenue and

stability. That is why we give to all our customers a set of unique marketing materials that will help you to set up advertising on all social media outlets
We share Years of Our International Experience
We are working as a team with all our customers, supporting and helping them. We are building up a world-wide network of aesthetic professionals and business owners, and together moving towards success.
Zemits is about feeling confident.
Safety, stability and non-stop development
Feeling the power of ZEMITS support as you grow your business
The ZEMITS difference
Each piece of Zemits equipment has:
Personal touch
Pure clear look
Personal touch - Zemits allows to perform an individual customized touch to each of your spa client. through a wide variety of treatment protocols and perfect compatibility between our systems.
Pure clear look - Zemits creates a high quality product with a perfect design: nothing overly complicated… Just what your SPA needs.
Truth - Zemits values its clients and treats them with a great price-quality match. You know exactly what you are paying for and how you will grow your revenues from it.
Excitement - you own a unique product and have the support of an entire team, not just mass marketing, Zemits makes you a part of a family of perfectionists.
We understand that deciding on a new piece of aesthetic equipment to purchase is not always easy. You want to be 100% confident in the high quality and reliability of your new system. That is why Zemits offers 2+ years warranty and life-time customer support to all Zemits equipment.
Service center:
Join Us!
Zemits is a perfect combination of industriousness, thirst for new technology, and a passion for achieving goals. The symbiosis of different minds, united together by a common idea. Zemits is an international family.

Professional knowledge of the treatment method, great marketing experience, love of engineering and technology, and a lifetime customer support — these are just a few of the perks you earn when you partner with Zemits.

Zemits Family is a team of proactive energized people who love work, challenges and action. We are always ready to move forward and continue developing. We want to share our energy and vision with everyone who needs it.

Let's do it together.