Zemits Q-Refresh

Zemits Q-Refresh
Regenerating alginate face mask

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⭐️ Zemits Q-Refresh is an Alginate based mask that contains aloe, acai and kelp extract for deep hydration and skin regeneration
⭐️ Restores dry and dehydrated skin, tones and refreshes
⭐️ Perfect for dry, irritated and sensitised skin
⭐️ One 200gm container is enough for up to 8 complete treatments
⭐️ Vegan formula, not tested on animals
A perfect balance
of active ingredients
for moisturising and restoring vitality
Vegan formula
Hypoallergenic composition
Comfortable smell and texture

Soothing active ingredients

  • Aloe extract
    Reach substance with an antibacterial effect deeply moisturises, rejuvenates and brightens the skin.
  • Acai berry extract
    Absorbs skin toxins and impurities, thereby boosting cell metabolism and restoring elasticity.
  • Kelp extract
    Restore vitality, rejuvenates, restores skin softness, and regulates imbalances of sebaceous glands.
Regenerating alginate face mask, Zemits Q-Refresh restores moisture level in cells, strengthens and tones the skin. Perfect for dry, irritated or sensitised skin and the perfect finishing step to a facial treatment. The formula was formulated with active ingredients with the intent to create balance for an advanced skin care facial.
How to use the Zemits
Q-Refresh Algae Mask:

  • Mix 25 g of the mask with 75 ml of room temperature water.
  • Once mixed, you should get a thick, creamy consistency texture.
  • Apply the mixture onto cleansed skin in a thick layer, you can also apply it on the eyes and lips.
  • After 20-25 minutes, the mask will set. Peel off the mask starting from the chin, gliding your fingers between the skin and the mask and lift it, rolling it upwards and removing any remnants of it with a damp cotton pad or tonic.
  • Apply moisturiser according to your client’s skin type.


Diatomaceous earth, calcium sulphate, algin, amylodextrin, kaolin, aloe extract, calcium pyrophosphate, acai berry extract, flavouring