Zemits GioStim

Zemits GioStim
An innovative high-intensity magnetic therapy device for body sculpting

One technology, double action: fat burning and muscle building

High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator uses a focused electromagnetic field with an intensity measured in Tesla and is based on the Faraday principle of electromagnetic induction. HI-EMS technology stimulates the muscles, inducing supramaximal contractions to build muscle cells quicker than voluntary muscle contractions experienced during traditional muscle training. Supramaximal contractions experienced during HI-EMS treatments are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in the fat cells, strengthening and building the muscle while also reducing fat. The impact of these contractions triggers the release of free fatty acids to break down localised fat deposits while also improving muscle tone and strength.

The Human body has an average of 30 to 40 % of Muscle Mass

The Zemits GIOSTIM with HIFEM technology induces non-voluntary muscle contractions, which forces the muscle tissue to adapt. The Zemits GIOSTIM creates a remodelling of the muscles' structure through the different programs available, achieving adipose reduction, muscle definition, and changing the density and volume. For decades the most common desire of many men and women is to have a toned and sleek body shape. However, our perception of beauty has historically changed, and our passion for modifying our bodies to feel and look beautiful remains. You no longer need to go "under the knife" to see results. It is now easier to get rid of local fat, regain your body shape and maintain the results thanks to the increased treatment and technology options that provide toning and tightening on the skin.

Zemits Giostim Applicators

Two high-performance applicators for precise treatments Zemits GioStim has two high-power applicators that define body contours in the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. Two GioMT applicators are placed on the target muscle area, such as the abs, thighs, or buttocks. The applicators then generate an intense electromagnetic field that causes involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions trigger the release of free fatty acids, which break down body fat and increase muscle tone and strength, similar to exercise.

Ares of use

  • Calves & thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Upper body

The fast way to a slim and fit body

Electromagnetic stimulation (or magnetotherapy) is a highly effective treatment, the average course of which takes 10-14 days (it is recommended to carry out 4-6 treatments 2-3 times a week), and visible results are achieved within two to four weeks. One session takes only half an hour, no rehabilitation period, and the effect lasts longer than other technologies.

Key features:

⭐️ Builds muscle and reduces subcutaneous fat
⭐️ Target multiple areas within a session
⭐️ Two body applicators designed specifically for the glutes, abs and thighs.
⭐️ Cycle approach, in which the body cannot adapt to the contractions.
⭐️ 6 pre-set treatment protocols
⭐️ Equivalent to 20,000 crunches
⭐️ Suitable for men and women
⭐️ No downtime
Results after the procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
Return on Investment
According to our Zemits clients’ feedback, it takes approx. 4-5 weeks to get your return on investment (ROI)
- as an existing business with an established clientele.
Are you just starting out as a new business? Expect to work approx. 2 - 2.5 months until you reap the rewards of your ROI, while you’re getting started, working hard, and building up your clientele.
Instant visual results
Benefits for your Clients:
Benefits for you,
the Cosmetologist or Business:
Clients notice improvements
after just one treatment
Safe and effective technologies
With a stable, growing
income as you grow
Fast return on your investment
Save your clients time!
Each treatment lasts about 15-25mins
Free one-to-one training
With one of our Zemits licenced aestheticians
24 month warranty
We offer Zemits lifetime
client support
No need for any downtime
between treatments, allare non-invasive and quality certified
2-Year Warranty
Free training
Third Party Financing
0% In-House Financing
Videos & Protocols
Marketing Support
Technical Specifications: