MediLuxx Line

The MediLuxx Line is a mix of multifunctional systems to build an esthetician's business. This line is a good new step in your esthetician practice. The devices we offer in this line will perfectly fit your Spa and provide your clients with top services and treatment results. Choosing MediLuxx Line you choose High Quality. You choose to be Professional and Advanced.

Ambitious Line

The Zemits Ambitious line was created with the idea of helping all kinds of estheticians rapidly grow their businesses and expand their opportunities. Whether you are just starting out, opening a new business, or simply looking for ways to boost your current long-standing practice, Zemits Ambitious can be an incredible tool and may increase your client base and attract existing customers to regularly schedule new treatments. By investing in a machine from the Zemits Ambitious line, you are investing into making your salon a top-tier one. It is one of unique collections of esthetic devices to date, offering advanced combinations of treatments in various machines. All machines in the Ambitious line may promise professional estheticians confidence in quality and lifetime customer support, so you can make your clients fall in love with the variety of incredible treatments and atmosphere you have to offer. The key to success in modern beauty businesses lies in the Zemits Ambitious Line, so take the step to your new ratings today.

Trend Line

Every esthetician knows how important it is to provide high-quality treatment to clients. American cosmetologists have already chosen Zemits as their brand of choice and this is why: Zemits boasts professional quality, easy operation with incredible results. Trend Line is on wishlists of a plethora of esthetic professionals. You wanted to know what U.S. professionals choose and we are here to tell you: Trend Line.

Handy Line

The Handy Line introduces a great variety of portable devices that can be taken directly to clients to provide advanced treatments. Take the chance to be productive and be a great professional even outside of your salon. The Handy Line is every esthetician’s must-have to provide at-home treatments for themselves or others.